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Alex Geordan Superintendent Addresses What Parents Must Know About School Administration

Alex Geordan Superintendent is a school administrator with many years of experience. However, he knows parents don’t always fully understand everything about his job or how decisions are made. By understanding this process on a deeper level, parents can better grasp what occurs and how they can work hard to make their children happy and avoid […]

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses His Top Tips for Parents to Prevent Cyber Bullying

Technology offers numerous academic benefits to kids. The internet gives them access to an unlimited amount of knowledge. However, the internet can be a difficult place for kids too, especially when it comes to bullying. Alex Geordan superintendent stated that bullying was traditionally solely something that happened in person-to-person interactions. Now, he describes it as so much […]

Alex Geordan, Superintendent Shares How Teachers Can Improve Test Results Without Stressing Out Students

Alex Geordan Superintendent has successfully increased the test scores in his schools by utilizing a myriad of different steps. For example, his third-grade programs helped every third grader in his school pass and have been achieved every year since. As a result, his ideas for increasing test scores without minimizing stress are very important to […]

Alex Geordan Looks to Continue Helping Students Educators and Schools

Alex Geordan’s History is a Portrait of An Educator, Administrator, Facilitator, and Leader CANFIELD, OH / June 24, 2020 / His track record speaks for itself and now Alex Geordan will be looking to continue his successful history of helping and improving educational and administrative systems for students, teachers, and schools. Even before his role as Superintendent of […]