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A Personal Mission for Educational Improvement

Alex Geordan Superintendent: A Personal Mission for Educational Improvement

Alex Geordan Superintendent has traveled a very long road in the education field and has no current interest in quitting anytime soon. Starting his teaching career in 1994, he has evolved from a primary grade school teacher to a top-notch administrator with multiple accolades for his achievement in not just running schools but effectively improving their performance as well.

Getting Started in Education

When he started off as a second-grade teacher at Devon Elementary School in Warren, OH, Alex Geordan Superintendent had completed his bachelor of science in elementary education and achieved his teaching credentials. Here he was, now in front of a classroom of 20-30 young faces and figuring out what his curriculum was going to be for the next nine months. Some short four years later, Alex Geordan had catapulted from an entry-level teaching position to a master’s degree in education administration and then an assistant principal position. By then, Alex Geordan was already a veteran of both grade school and junior high teaching, and well on his way to becoming a seasoned school superintendent as well.

Alex Geordan Superintendent Administrator Tenure

By the early 2000s, Alex Geordan Superintendent was established as a working and experienced principal for Vaughn Elementary School. He spent 4 years approximately as the head administrator of that institution before moving up in grades and taking the principal role at LaBrae Middle School. In 2008, Alex Geordan Superintendent then jumped up further to the superintendent over the Pymatuning Valley Local School District. That tenure only lasted for about three years, but in the short time window, Alex Geordan Superintendent was able to lead a significant performance increase for the District, raising 15 indicators out of 26 in its district report card assessment to a total of 23 scores of 26 passing, an improvement from a prior 61 percent score to over 88%.

Always Working, Even in the Summers

There was never a downtime for Alex Geordan Superintendent either. Even during the off-months when most teachers have a break from teaching and are working on personal development, he was busy teaching still and covering summer classes. And that was in addition to serving on the district committee for language arts as well. Even sports saw Alex Geordan Superintendent’s impact as we performed four different coaching roles at Warren G. Harding High School and LaBrae Middle School for football, basketball, and baseball. The bottom line, Alex Geordan Superintendent hit the local educational system like a freight train and never stopped delivering on commitment and improvement of teaching service.

Currently looking for the next opportunity to make an impact, Alex Geordan Superintendent is not ready to quit education. It’s his personal mission and career, and he’s not done yet giving back to students and schools.

Alex Geordan Superintendent

Alex Geordan Superintendent Addresses What Parents Must Know About School Administration

Alex Geordan Superintendent is a school administrator with many years of experience. However, he knows parents don’t always fully understand everything about his job or how decisions are made. By understanding this process on a deeper level, parents can better grasp what occurs and how they can work hard to make their children happy and avoid complications simultaneously.

Factors Alex Geordan Superintendent Thinks Parents Must Know

A good school administration is not just a one-way process, Alex Geordan Superintendent says. He believes that parents and children should have a role in ensuring that schools run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. These steps include a myriad of different processes that ensure that parents and administrators work hand-in-hand together to achieve better levels of success.

First of all, Alex Geordan Superintendent emphasizes the importance of attending school meetings and any open gatherings put together by administrators. These meetings are designed to help parents understand better what is happening in a school. Alex Geordan Superintendent, in particular, focuses on knowing the names of your administrators and how to reach out to them when necessary.

Beyond that, Alex Geordan Superintendent also believes that people must understand how the administration works. Everything must be voted on by the administrators to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for the public’s needs. These votes are often public affairs, meaning that you can attend to see who votes and what kind of decisions are made.

Just as importantly, this process is one that doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes, a proposal will be floated that may not be touched on for weeks after it is initially proposed. Like all types of processes, the administration takes time and energy to finish. Alex Geordan Superintendent advises that parents have patience in this process and understand the different steps involved here.

And Alex Geordan Superintendent also emphasizes that difficult decisions are a huge part of the administration process and that they are never easy to make. Cutting school programs and firing teachers is always taken very seriously and is never done without a lot of thought. If something happens that you disagree within your district, talk to an administrator to learn more.

Like Alex Geordan Superintendent, most good school administrators will discuss these factors with you either in an open forum or if you see them outside of the school. If you find that an administrator is standoffish or difficult about decisions and doesn’t discuss them, he suggests bringing up complaints in a school board meeting.

About Alex Geordan Superintendent

Alex Geordan Superintendent is a school administrator who has worked for decades to make Ohio public schools better places. After working in the trenches as an elementary school teacher for many years, he has advanced to a superintendent’s post. He is a professional who understands his position’s unique demands.

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses His Top Tips for Parents to Prevent Cyber Bullying

Technology offers numerous academic benefits to kids. The internet gives them access to an unlimited amount of knowledge. However, the internet can be a difficult place for kids too, especially when it comes to bullying. Alex Geordan superintendent stated that bullying was traditionally solely something that happened in person-to-person interactions. Now, he describes it as so much more difficult to control.
Kids spend roughly three hours of every day online. Alex Geordan superintendent states that this is why the internet has now become the most commonplace for kids to be bullied. Geordan adds that this style of bullying can be much more difficult to police, as it’s not often seen by anyone other than the child being bullied. That’s why he’s offering his top tips for parents to help prevent cyberbullying.

“Parents need to acknowledge how their children are acting when they get offline,” Alex Geordan superintendent says. “A telltale sign of cyberbullying is if a kid is showing signs of anxiety, anger, or sadness after going online.”

He adds that talking to your kids is the best way to combat cyberbullying before it starts. Alex Geordan superintendent states that parents should explain what cyberbullying is and what kids should do if they think they’re being bullied online. Alex Geordan superintendent states that parents should monitor their kids when they’re online, especially when using social media.

“It’s the parents’ job to know what their kids are doing online,” Alex Geordan superintendent says. “A number of apps allow parents to monitor their kids’ social media accounts and messages, so they can have a better understanding of their kid’s online conversations.”

Alex Geordan superintendent explains that the Pumpic iPhone app allows parents to monitor text messages, including deleted ones, and view their kids’ social media activity. This app also allows the parent to control the phone or block it remotely. Alex Geordan superintendent explains that this app is one-way parents can check to be sure their kids aren’t being bullied.

“It’s essential that parents take steps to ensure their children are not the ones doing the bullying too,” Alex Geordan superintendent says. “Our kids mimic much of what we do, and we need to set positive examples at all times.”

Alex Geordan superintendent explains that parents can help prevent cyberbullying by being positive role models at home. He states that when kids hear their parents talking poorly about other people or bullying fellow parents, they perform similar actions on their peers.

“Being more aware of cyberbullying and the harm it causes will allow parents to do their part in preventing it,” Alex Geordan superintendent says. “We need to make the internet a safe place for our kids, so they can continue using all of its advantages to better their education.”

Alex Geordan, Superintendent Shares How Teachers Can Improve Test Results Without Stressing Out Students

Alex Geordan Superintendent has successfully increased the test scores in his schools by utilizing a myriad of different steps. For example, his third-grade programs helped every third grader in his school pass and have been achieved every year since. As a result, his ideas for increasing test scores without minimizing stress are very important to consider.

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses the Root of Test Stress 

Children suffering from stress during tests have many similar traits, Alex Geordan Superintendent says. Often, these students are high achievers who put a lot of emphasis on the importance of their success. Unfortunately, they may be too focused on this factor and end up becoming distracted and unable to handle the unique demands that testing puts on them as a person. 

Ironically, Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that intelligent, but low-performing students often do better on these tests because they don’t agonize over them nearly as much. These students have the intelligence to retain and process the information on these tests but lack the fear and concern that their high-aspiring peers put on themselves. Unfortunately, this may cause the high-stress students to perform worse in future tests, Alex Geordan Superintendent says.

Beyond these fears, some students freeze up on test day due to a mental block. They may lack the anxiety of some students and have the intelligence needed to do these tests. However, Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that some can’t do tests. And as these standardized tests are critical for schools, he finds that it is crucial to find ways to increase these scores without worsening stress. 

Tips From Alex Geordan Superintendent

Teachers worried about test anxiety should try to give their students some physical activity just before the test. Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that this helps students burn the tension off their body before testing and gets the blood flowing to their minds in a way that makes tests easier. No more than 10-15 minutes of exercise is needed to ensure that this benefit is achieved. 

Beyond that, Alex Geordan Superintendent believes that it is crucial to take a bit of the importance of tests off students’ shoulders. Instead of introducing new material and letting students know that it is on the test or likely to be, just present it like any other information. Emphasizing and stressing on this material is expected to make students more stressed out than not. 

Tutoring is also critical, he says, particularly for those students who want it. Don’t force tutoring on anybody – some don’t need or want it – but make it an option for those who want to get better test results. Alex Geordan Superintendent states that you’ll be surprised at how many students will want this type of help and how well it can help them succeed at a higher level.


Alex Geordan Superintendent

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses the Future of K-12 Education in the Age of Covid  

When Covid-19 struck, and schools started to close, Alex Geordan Superintendent was worried about what would happen to the state of K-12 education and what kind of future it would have in the face of this disease. He fears that this disease will spread very rapidly and cause a broad array of dangers to students. However, he believes that K-12 education does have a future as long as parents and students are aware of what to expect in this situation.

The Impact of Closures, According to Alex Geordan Superintendent

School closures are critical for stopping the spread of Covid-19, Alex Geordan Superintendent states, but have adverse effects on students. Though most schools have adapted to this situation and provided online education opportunities, the social element that is so important for education is lacking. These factors are things that Alex Geordan Superintendent found essential to focus on at length.

For example, students often learn how to interact with their peers and others through school and sports. Spending time together, learning how to interact, and other steps are all critical because students master various types of socialization during this period. Without it, Alex Geordan Superintendent worries that many students may fall behind in this factor.

However, he believes that a compromise could be made to balance these factors in a way that makes sense for the school’s around the nation. The importance of social distancing must be kept in mind, Alex Geordan Superintendent states, as well as the importance of interaction between students, teachers, and others. By keeping these elements at the forefront of the debate, Alex Geordan Superintendent believes it is possible to avoid complications.

Balancing Socialization and Safety Requires Many Balanced Steps

One concept that Alex Geordan Superintendent has been considering lately is a one-week on and one-week-off schedule. The idea here is that students could come to a school for one week and then work from home the next. Alex Geordan believes that the use of masks, social distancing, and other steps could help to make this process safer and more efficient.

Controlled movement between classes is also essential, Alex Geordan Superintendent states. For example, schedules of movement are vital because they can allow social distancing to remain intact as much as possible. This method would work by allowing one class to move through the halls at a time, requiring more time between classes to finish, Alex Geordan says.

And activities such as sporting events should be limited in attendance – 50 percent attendance is probably safe, as long as social distancing is followed. Alex Geordan has played around with the idea of no-attendance at these events beyond the teams. And while he doesn’t like the idea that much, Alex Geordan Superintendent understands that it may be necessary.

Alex Geordan Looks to Continue Helping Students Educators and Schools

Alex Geordan’s History is a Portrait of An Educator, Administrator, Facilitator, and Leader

CANFIELD, OH / June 24, 2020 / His track record speaks for itself and now Alex Geordan will be looking to continue his successful history of helping and improving educational and administrative systems for students, teachers, and schools. Even before his role as Superintendent of the Canfield School system, Alex Geordan made a difference early and often.

Alex Geordan
Alex Geordan

Alex Geordan began his career as an educator in 1994, teaching at Devon Elementary in Warren, OH, after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Youngstown State University. Geordan continued his studies even as a teacher, earning a Master’s degree in Education Administration in 1998.

As someone passionate about education, Alex Geordan wasted no time putting that degree to use assuming the role of Assistant Principal at East Middle School in Warren in 1999. That also marked the beginning of his career not only as an educator but also as an administrator. It was only six years later, in 2005 that Geordan also earned his Superintendent’s Certificate.

As to be expected, just a few short years later Alex Gordan was hired as the Superintendent of Pymatuning Valley Local School District. While his time there was brief before moving on to continue helping other school systems, his school district improved from 15 of 26 state indicators passed by students to 23 of 26 passed. And the accolades only continued from there.

In his latest tenure of Superintendent of Canfield Local Schools, the administration stated that it was “proud of the progress of Canfield Local Schools under Mr. Geordan’s leadership and recognizes the many accomplishments the district has achieved during his time as superintendent.” For Alex Geordan, these words have become a common chorus wherever he has stepped up to educate and lead.

Alex Geordan Discusses Summer Enrichment

Alex Geordan has also spent his time as a summer enrichment teacher, in addition to lending his time to a district language arts committee. Beyond that, Geordan has merely had a few successful grant writing projects and spent time coaching basketball and football.

This is Alex Geordan, and this is a picture of an educator, administrator, and leader who is committed to helping our youth. From leading schools with new educational tools and techniques to empower students through sport and activity, Alex Geordan continues helping students, educators, and schools – because that is what he does.

Alex Geordan