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Alex Geordan, Superintendent Shares How Teachers Can Improve Test Results Without Stressing Out Students

Alex Geordan Superintendent has successfully increased the test scores in his schools by utilizing a myriad of different steps. For example, his third-grade programs helped every third grader in his school pass and have been achieved every year since. As a result, his ideas for increasing test scores without minimizing stress are very important to consider.

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses the Root of Test Stress 

Children suffering from stress during tests have many similar traits, Alex Geordan Superintendent says. Often, these students are high achievers who put a lot of emphasis on the importance of their success. Unfortunately, they may be too focused on this factor and end up becoming distracted and unable to handle the unique demands that testing puts on them as a person. 

Ironically, Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that intelligent, but low-performing students often do better on these tests because they don’t agonize over them nearly as much. These students have the intelligence to retain and process the information on these tests but lack the fear and concern that their high-aspiring peers put on themselves. Unfortunately, this may cause the high-stress students to perform worse in future tests, Alex Geordan Superintendent says.

Beyond these fears, some students freeze up on test day due to a mental block. They may lack the anxiety of some students and have the intelligence needed to do these tests. However, Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that some can’t do tests. And as these standardized tests are critical for schools, he finds that it is crucial to find ways to increase these scores without worsening stress. 

Tips From Alex Geordan Superintendent

Teachers worried about test anxiety should try to give their students some physical activity just before the test. Alex Geordan Superintendent finds that this helps students burn the tension off their body before testing and gets the blood flowing to their minds in a way that makes tests easier. No more than 10-15 minutes of exercise is needed to ensure that this benefit is achieved. 

Beyond that, Alex Geordan Superintendent believes that it is crucial to take a bit of the importance of tests off students’ shoulders. Instead of introducing new material and letting students know that it is on the test or likely to be, just present it like any other information. Emphasizing and stressing on this material is expected to make students more stressed out than not. 

Tutoring is also critical, he says, particularly for those students who want it. Don’t force tutoring on anybody – some don’t need or want it – but make it an option for those who want to get better test results. Alex Geordan Superintendent states that you’ll be surprised at how many students will want this type of help and how well it can help them succeed at a higher level.


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