AlexGeordan Superintendent
Alex Geordan Superintendent

Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses the Future of K-12 Education in the Age of Covid  

When Covid-19 struck, and schools started to close, Alex Geordan Superintendent was worried about what would happen to the state of K-12 education and what kind of future it would have in the face of this disease. He fears that this disease will spread very rapidly and cause a broad array of dangers to students. However, he believes that K-12 education does have a future as long as parents and students are aware of what to expect in this situation.

The Impact of Closures, According to Alex Geordan Superintendent

School closures are critical for stopping the spread of Covid-19, Alex Geordan Superintendent states, but have adverse effects on students. Though most schools have adapted to this situation and provided online education opportunities, the social element that is so important for education is lacking. These factors are things that Alex Geordan Superintendent found essential to focus on at length.

For example, students often learn how to interact with their peers and others through school and sports. Spending time together, learning how to interact, and other steps are all critical because students master various types of socialization during this period. Without it, Alex Geordan Superintendent worries that many students may fall behind in this factor.

However, he believes that a compromise could be made to balance these factors in a way that makes sense for the school’s around the nation. The importance of social distancing must be kept in mind, Alex Geordan Superintendent states, as well as the importance of interaction between students, teachers, and others. By keeping these elements at the forefront of the debate, Alex Geordan Superintendent believes it is possible to avoid complications.

Balancing Socialization and Safety Requires Many Balanced Steps

One concept that Alex Geordan Superintendent has been considering lately is a one-week on and one-week-off schedule. The idea here is that students could come to a school for one week and then work from home the next. Alex Geordan believes that the use of masks, social distancing, and other steps could help to make this process safer and more efficient.

Controlled movement between classes is also essential, Alex Geordan Superintendent states. For example, schedules of movement are vital because they can allow social distancing to remain intact as much as possible. This method would work by allowing one class to move through the halls at a time, requiring more time between classes to finish, Alex Geordan says.

And activities such as sporting events should be limited in attendance – 50 percent attendance is probably safe, as long as social distancing is followed. Alex Geordan has played around with the idea of no-attendance at these events beyond the teams. And while he doesn’t like the idea that much, Alex Geordan Superintendent understands that it may be necessary.

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