AlexGeordan Superintendent

A Personal Mission for Educational Improvement

Alex Geordan Superintendent: A Personal Mission for Educational Improvement

Alex Geordan Superintendent has traveled a very long road in the education field and has no current interest in quitting anytime soon. Starting his teaching career in 1994, he has evolved from a primary grade school teacher to a top-notch administrator with multiple accolades for his achievement in not just running schools but effectively improving their performance as well.

Getting Started in Education

When he started off as a second-grade teacher at Devon Elementary School in Warren, OH, Alex Geordan Superintendent had completed his bachelor of science in elementary education and achieved his teaching credentials. Here he was, now in front of a classroom of 20-30 young faces and figuring out what his curriculum was going to be for the next nine months. Some short four years later, Alex Geordan had catapulted from an entry-level teaching position to a master’s degree in education administration and then an assistant principal position. By then, Alex Geordan was already a veteran of both grade school and junior high teaching, and well on his way to becoming a seasoned school superintendent as well.

Alex Geordan Superintendent Administrator Tenure

By the early 2000s, Alex Geordan Superintendent was established as a working and experienced principal for Vaughn Elementary School. He spent 4 years approximately as the head administrator of that institution before moving up in grades and taking the principal role at LaBrae Middle School. In 2008, Alex Geordan Superintendent then jumped up further to the superintendent over the Pymatuning Valley Local School District. That tenure only lasted for about three years, but in the short time window, Alex Geordan Superintendent was able to lead a significant performance increase for the District, raising 15 indicators out of 26 in its district report card assessment to a total of 23 scores of 26 passing, an improvement from a prior 61 percent score to over 88%.

Always Working, Even in the Summers

There was never a downtime for Alex Geordan Superintendent either. Even during the off-months when most teachers have a break from teaching and are working on personal development, he was busy teaching still and covering summer classes. And that was in addition to serving on the district committee for language arts as well. Even sports saw Alex Geordan Superintendent’s impact as we performed four different coaching roles at Warren G. Harding High School and LaBrae Middle School for football, basketball, and baseball. The bottom line, Alex Geordan Superintendent hit the local educational system like a freight train and never stopped delivering on commitment and improvement of teaching service.

Currently looking for the next opportunity to make an impact, Alex Geordan Superintendent is not ready to quit education. It’s his personal mission and career, and he’s not done yet giving back to students and schools.

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